[GUIDE] A Beginner's Guide to Redstone (pt. 1)

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  1. Every week I will try to post another guide on Tuesday Afternoon. (EMC Time)
    Redstone is a major element of Minecraft that allows players to make advanced machines, but quite frankly, it is underused because it is tricky to get accustomed to using. Look no further, I will try my hardest to make Redstone simple to use. At the end of each weeks guide, I will include a mini-build to demonstrate what we have learned in this guide.

    Redstone Ore

    Redstone ore is found mining in the at the bottom of the world, from levels 1-16. This is the basic block that you will need to mine tons of if you want to build complex redstone machines. This is your best friend in the mines if you are going to be serious with your redstone endeavors.

    Redstone Dust

    Redstone dust is dropped from mining redstone ore, or it can be obtained by smelting redstone ore in a furnace. It is the basic crafting ingredient for redstone items, and is essential in creating redstone machines.

    Levers, Buttons, and Redstone Torches

    Each of these items is a power source, which means that it emits a signal to the redstone dust.

    Sticky and Normal Pistons

    These are mechanisms that are used to move other blocks. The sticky piston is able to move a block forward and retract the same block, while the normal piston is able to only push the block.

    These are the basics that we must understand before we start making our first circuit.

    To make our first circuit we must have:
    *4 Redstone Dust
    *1 Redstone Torch
    *1 Sticky Piston
    *1 Lever
    *2 Blocks

    Here is our first circuit in the "off" position. (For our purposes we will call when the piston is down "off")
    The second image is our circuit in the "on" position.
    Since we used sticky pistons, this circuit would be useful for moving blocks.

    Semi-Automatic Cobblestone Generator
    What you will need:
    4x Redstone
    4x Redstone repeaters
    40x Blocks
    1x Bucket of Lava
    1x Bucket of Water
    1x Normal Piston
    1x Lever
    I will use a modified version of our first circuit to build this machine.
    Step 1: Make a 6x3x2 rectangle, and fill in the bottom part. Look into the middle in the gap, and punch out the 4th block on the second level. The side with the gap will be referred to as the right side.
    Step 2: Put lava on the left side, and water on the far right. If you did this correctly, it should create a cobblestone block.
    Step 3: Mine the blocks in front of and behind the cobblestone block.
    Step 4: Place a piece of dirt on the second block behind the cobblestone.
    Step 5: Place a regular Piston facing the cobblestone block. (That is what the dirt block was for.
    Step 6: Create a 3x3 square with the dirt block as one of the corners.
    Step 7: Place Redstone Dust on the edges if the 3x3 square.
    Step 8: Place repeaters in between the redstone dust.
    Step 9: Click on each repeater 3 times. The little bar at the back should be as far back as possible.
    Step 10: Place a lever perpendicular to one of the pieces of redstone dust.
    Step 11: Flip that switch very fast (on and off) to start the machine.

    *If you are going AFK, leave the switch on the "on" position to effectively "jam" the machine. To fix this, break the redstone dust, place it again, and flip the switch to start the machine up again.

    What did you think of my first guide? *Sorry, I am not the best at working on the forums ATM, but i am working on it :)* If you have any comments about how I can make the next guide better or have suggestions for my next build, post it in the comments below. Thanks
  2. I will note this keep on creating this guide!
  3. *takes photos of this* I'm doing this! I'm such a noob at redstone and this will help big time! Thanks so much!
  4. Cool, but I suggest that you upload screenshots for the cobble generator people can get a better understanding. Unless that takes up a lot of time for you, which I can understand
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  5. I did. I am still a little shaky with uploading screenshots, so to make it smoother, I uploaded it to imgur and included the link.
    In case you didn't see the link, here it is again:
  6. The next part of the guide is scheduled to come out on August 4th, because I will be camping and unable to upload the next portion of it. Sorry for any inconvenience.