Guests can no longer claim a residence

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Moving forward guests can no longer claim a residence. Only members can, and you become a member when you register on the website. Part of the new player spawn is now signs explaining this (you can find the new player spawn under the Town spawn).

    There was a few reasons for doing this. First is that we will have each residence owners email address, so if they don't log in in awhile we can email them before we reset their res. Second it will help cut down on the million questions when guests join, because now at the end of the registration process I make it clear how useful the server guide is an put it in front of their face.
  2. nice good idea :)
  3. Thats going to cut down the empty plots people get and never come back. Another ideal would be if they delete there account on the site it should remove there plot
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  4. hey er... i'm a new member, so i wanted to ask how to find my residence.
    or can i grab one myself? :)
  5. You can grab it yourself. Easiest way to find a new one is via the Live map. The residences highlighted in blue are the ones you can claim. Click it on the map, find the residence number and then in game, type: /visit "the number" and then /claim "the number".