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  1. I just recently decided to play again minecraft. I haven't really been active ingame ever since Jan 16 2013 according to my rupee history and I don't know, don't really have much to do in real life right now. I planned to make my appearance again in july 16 for my 2 year anniversary but meh

    What's new? What have I missed? I remember something about dragon tombs and eggs, is it out? Update me! Tell me everything! :D
  2. Welcome back :)
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  3. You've come back to a good time in the Empire, things are getting even more awesome. Any questions just refer to the wiki. :)
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  4. Welcome back! Even though I have no clue who you are but, welcome back anyways :p
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  5. Do you remember me at all? Welcome back!
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  6. Seems someone claimed my res... Thousands of rupees lost into oblivion x.x
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  7. 30 day derelict timer :p You could have voted most days to keep the residence, but if not, somebody can claim it after those 30 days.

    Welcome back though, and I hope you enjoy Minecraft like you did before! :)
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  8. Familiar but can't quite say.
    Yeah :/ Lost like 250k right there oh well.

    I hope I like it too!
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  9. Welcome back Gap! If you need any help restarting let me know. I don't mind sparing a few necessities for ya. As others have said, you've come back at a good time! :)
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  10. Welcome back! I don't think we personally knew each other but Max and I remember your name!
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  11. *Feels remembered ;')*
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  12. :D Welcome back! :cool:
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  13. Welcome back! :D Glad you decided to return.
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  14. Welcome back! Good to see some of the "senior" players returning. Let's bring Empire back to it's old roots!
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  15. Welcome back! :D
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  16. Welcome back! I remember you..:p
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  17. Welcome Back! I've seen you around before :D
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  18. Hey Gap! I remember we had something like a kind of game where we tried to get as much rupees, you won though :p
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  19. Your name certainly seems similar to what I remember, I think I remember you :eek:

    Welcome back!
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  20. dayum dude
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