Guess who

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  1. JustinGuy? I've never actually seen him.
  2. Come on, you don't recognize him? :D
  3. I have seen that before.......
    He is like trying to spot bigfoot, haha if you see him no one will believe you :eek:
  4. Bob the tomato!
  5. YEs!!
  6. Larry the cucumber?
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  7. Y U NO NORMAL!!!!!
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  8. Wanna fight?!

    Do. You. Wanna. Fight.

    Me and my blue hair will win yo.
  9. again, Y U NO NORMAL?!?!?!?!? and yea, wanna go????!!!!!?????!!!!!
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  10. Where we going?
    I'd love some starbucks..
  11. me too. back on topic!!!!!!!!! so... i chaylenge yew too a most-dots-in-a-post-contest!!!!
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  12. sorry kryssyjane. she'll be here momentarily. iiii bet.