guess who i'm going to see tonight :)

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  1. Idk... mhmmm...
  2. this is my generation... not The Who... but this generation lol

  3. I don't know who these people are...
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  4. it's never too late to learn... this is the music i grew up with :)
  5. I've grown up around alot of 60's music and electronic music, and now I like dubstep, drumstep, progressive house and glitch hop. I also like 60's pop.
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  6. i'm old enough to be completely confused by what people call "progressive house" these days... but it's changed so many times lol... but i'm into electronic music too. heard Julius Papp dj a few weekends ago. best night of "progressive house" i've heard to date is either the night i saw Trendroid or when I saw Steve Lawler.

    but yeah, Psych Furs are 80s new wave :)
  7. Well sgx, meet Dada Life. Actually these guys are from Sweden and used to be the voices of the two bananas on Bananas in Pajamas. :eek:
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  8. The video's arent loaded for me, all I'm seeing is a bunch of white squares, but all the same to me.
  9. these guys are German :)

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  10. My phone hates this thread lol.
  11. Definitely my generation..... jealous!
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  12. it was an amazing show. do yourself a favor and look up the Psychedelic Furs live show dates and if Richard Butler and Co. are coming near you then find a way to be there!
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  13. I actually saw these guys live in a Baltimore place once. It was awesome :3. Funnest Night I probably have had.. in America anyways.
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