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  1. My guess: WHAT?!?!?!
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  2. What found the holy grail was it person or a thing?
  3. I see you've been reading the da Vinci code...
  4. Another guess: WHAT?!!?
  5. WOW is better than minecraft! Thats what! :p
  6. Haha couple years ago
  7. Is anyone else confused about this thread?
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  8. just a bit
  9. Finished it in September of this year. Really good book... This doesn't count as hijacking because there was no topic :p
  10. Of course not, not one bit but you have to be insane to get it. Lol

    Nice it really good book can't remember when I read few years ago and yea guess we should back to what "guess what" means
  11. Its more amazing than you can think of
  12. I'm smelling a anti-climatic momment about to happen
    " here it comes"

  13. Well according to the dictionary: Words used to build anticipation, usually followed by something totally boring.
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  14. Drum Roll please ..........tap.tap.tap.tap.tap and so on
  15. Chicken Butt
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  16. -_-

    Here I thought he was going say something smart or worth wild but then again this is Internet.
  17. You tolled me that today!