Guess what i found on smp3 wild at my wild town.

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  1. Yes i know the wild is reseting but this is serious.
    i would have took more screenshots but a creeper went BOOM behind me.
    Dark_liz might want to look at this because dark was helping us STOP this griefer.

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  2. Your pictures arent avialable publicly fix it so we can see xD
  3. Brandpop when posting a pic you have to use the image URL not that one. Click on the actualpicture and add THAT URL.
  4. lol ok
    i thought i had it on public
  5. I think its really my wild town, but whatever. I say let it go for now, the wild is getting reset.
  6. every house of yoursémine got DESTROYED that sign was on foo`s house.
  7. I know..
  8. ok well it wont let me change it for some reason but its a pic of our houses completely destroyed and it has a sign on that says `now i know what camp ******** abd no idid not grief` btw not my spelling its ****`s.
    i kinda dought it was any of the members because none of the locked stuff was destroyed.

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  9. Can't see the screen shots
  10. You know what's almost as bad as griefing? Publicly accusing people of griefing by name. You know what the proper method of resolution is! File a /report, or contact a mod directly. Taking screenshots is very helpful.I'm going to be discussing it with the other mods, senior mods, and admin to come to an agreement on what an acceptable punishment is for someone using the forums to publicly accuse someone else of an EMC crime.

    Your sign doesn't prove anything because anyone who has six wooden planks and a stick can make a sign that says anybody's screen name. It's unfortunate, and you'll probably believe that the person whose name is on your sign griefed you until the day you check out--I know because I've been there, too. But one of the senior staff put me straight that I didn't really "know" anything because a sign isn't proof.

    If you catch someone in the act, take screenshots (videos would even be better if you have a method). Enough of those, or multiple reports on the same person (caught in the act) is strong evidence.
  11. i tried putting screenshots but it wont let me and i dont see why the whole place would be destroyed if me or someone else in the town would destroy EVERYTHING.
  12. Maybe because there's a reset in a week? I don't know, and I'm certainly not saying it was someone from the town. But you don't know if someone else left a sign with that player's name on it. And nothing changes the fact that the proper way to deal with a griefing is to contact staff. Then the screenshots can be put into the message to the mods where only you, that mod, and other people who are invited to the message can see it. Or file a /report and we will contact you. Believe me, there isn't a staff member who doesn't want to catch griefers at least as badly as you do! We just don't want to get the wrong guy or gal.
  13. Edmund if it's who I think it is, I have screenshots of the accused (again if it's who I think it is) admitting to PVP. He's apparently in an alliance with someone, and, allegedly, that person pays him to go and kill or grief people. I don't believe it, but I know they do work together.
  14. Send me the screenshot in a private conversation and I'll gladly take care of it.
  15. not sure why but I can't send you a private message.. The "start a conversation" link isn't there.
  16. Ok, I've started a conversation so you should be able to reply to it.