Guess I Haven't Introduced Myself Yet

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  1. Hello,
    I am THE_LEGEND4, some of you may know me, some may not. I have been on EMC for almost a year now, so I got this account as kind of a celebration. I will not be on the forums on this account, but on my other account :).

    So... I'm looking forward to using this account in-game :)

    ~ Legend :)
  2. Hiya I know you <333
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  3. Hey, its Legend! Twice as legendary now :D
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  4. The legend of legend! XD
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  5. You have a 2nd account........ whoa :O:O:O
    But yayyay it's almost a year :D:p
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  6. --------------------------------------------------

    Congratulations on your second account THE_LEGEND4 :)
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  7. We joined the same day...... :p
    EDIT: in his first account we joined on the same day :p
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  8. Welcome to the alt club!...?
  9. Welcome to the alt club as people have previously said!
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  10. What alt club?
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