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  1. So i know this has been talked before, but i decided to start another community discussion in hopes to possibly get this worked on (possibly as a higher priority than it may be now)
    For those of you who don't know what they are, they are basically items you place that protect a small area (similar to your res)
    I think these would be a great edition to the empire, and help those of us who want to protect small areas in the wild.
    So what do you guys think? Should the creation of these ''guardian stones'' be set for high priority over other updates?
    Any feed back positive or negative is welcome to this discussion ;)
  2. Well this could pontentially ruin the wild with protected areas. People could claim important areas or trap people in holes. This could also take away places to collect resources in. It does say that town is the only protected area to build in.
  3. I would love to have something like this -- but I can see how it could make it hard to mine in the wild -- people constantly bumping into one another's protected areas could be frustrating,
  4. Well i thought of how the protected chests weren't overused because they cost so much money. I think that gaurdian stones should be very limited spacing and fairly expensive, so a person would have to be really wanting this area protected, not just a random person wanted to put one to be ''funny''
  5. There are a lot of discussions going on already about that. The pros and cons of different solutions must be found. This takes lots of time. So we just have to trust in our staff , that a proper solution will be found. But I see how it gets really important to the community due to the faster growing EMC communtiy and with it the more anonymus atmosphere, where griefers appear like creepers, once u finished ur wild home.

    Last words: "Nice house you have there"
  6. Although I can't agree more that this would be a great idea, I can't help but also have some disagreeing points. In town building is where you can build to your hearts content without any fear as to someone griefing your stuff( with proper permissions of course with people you trust). The wild is exactly what it is, "the wild". Anything can happen. You can build whatever you want and anyone can destroy whatever they want. Although this is fustrating and I have personally have had it happen to me, I think it would suck to have these protected spots everywhere in the wild. I have heard people talk about making it expensive so it wouldn't just be everywhere. I can only hope that this would be the case if this were to come into play.

    In the end, EMC is a great server for a lot of reasons. Yes, the griefing problem is a problem and I hate to say it, but it will always will be. There will always be the few that ruin it for the rest, that's just life. But it is great to type /wild, walk out in whatever direction I want and just dig. That I believe is what makes the wild the wild. If you want more space to build on, become a supporter and claim a second lot. Part of the challenge of the wild and gathering resources is, you just have to go out and get it. It's not supposed to be easy as putting up a border and claiming a section of land so you can mine/build.
  7. Last words: "Nice house you have there"[/quote]
    Yes people apparently see something thats not theirs thats nice and think ''oh well its in the wild, i guess its mine now''
  8. Sounds the same as the Precious Stones mod, which worked very well with a few drawbacks.

    It's all been mentioned before, and we'll just have to wait and see I suppose.