Guardian Farms

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WayneKramer, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Have we determined what style works best on EMC? I'm building one now and eventually I'll make it public but want to make sure I use the best design.
  2. no response? :(
  3. I'm not sure if we have a design that works the best. Currently I've been working on a farm that is going to resemble either docm77's, or Jamiebdm's.

    We're unsure how well it'll turn out. We're still draining the area.
    Are you following a certain schematic?
  4. I'm not using a schmatic but that's a good idea if I could find a schematic for one.

    At this point I have the area drained and cleared and was going to start building the farm itself this week.

    I was going to use docm77's design but I've read that hopper carts fail on EMC and that area is too large to use regular hoppers. Going to look at the other video now.
  5. Well if you mean making the whole floor hoppers as too large, I recommend having a waterflow funnel. I'm planning on have all of the guardians fall into a large water funnel, then have them all fall down in either a single block or along a line of hoppers below. Much less materials. Don't need ice blocks either for moving the guardians because mobs move at the same speed in ice and regular blocks (I think?)
  6. I am good at building guardian farms if you need help I will be willing to help