Guardian Challenge.

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  1. Brought to you by "Pirate's Pit" outpost Baci1083 and Masterkism (he got 1st billing because he's a construction machine!) bring you the SMP9 wastelands guardian challenge!

    In the wastelands of SMP9 (-1962, 68, 2075, just south east of /waste sw) there is a curious stone "V" marking a shaft cut in the bottom of a small pond. Rumor has it, that if you take this shaft all the way to it's bottom (-1962, 6, 2075) you will find yourself in a very long tunnel. "Please do not harvest minerals from the tunnel walls, I had to dig through so very many lava lakes to create it, near certain death lays behind those walls". At the end of this tunnel is a room, full of construction materials, please leave them there for us to retrieve, with a set of double doors that lead into what used to be a Sea Temple.

    The challenge is to make it through every set of doors, in the former temple, and back killing every guardian you encounter, without being killed yourself. "There is a bed in the "prep room" you may want to use it 1st".

    Post how far you made it, and/or how much exp and loot you acquired.

    As usual please no griefing or theft.
    Have fun!