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  1. Ok GTA V or FIFA 14

    ok i have GTA V and right now im downloading early access XBOX 360 £16 HAAH xD For FIFA 14 80%
  2. You know, I hear about FIFA all the time on the internet, but not once irl has someone I know actually said something about/played it. Probably because I live in the US.:rolleyes:
  3. You can't really compare the two, as one is a game about criminals, and the other is a Soccer sim...
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  4. I'm not allowed to play GTAV, for good reasons.
  5. GTA V> Fifa 14. I live in the UK and I don't really like football, infact, I prefer american football :p
  6. Well i prefer both games because i do really like games like them.
  7. Couldn't of said it better myself. :)
  8. He said with a CoD: Ghosts avatar...

    Fifa, IMO, is stupid. When you have '08 and it's predecessors you've pretty much played them all, and I hate football and Fifa :p

    GTA -> Fifa
  9. GtaV is GtaV it's incredible but I won't recommend it to the younger crowd because of content that comes with. Now FIFA good game and awesome who play with.Online wise.... Yes it's fun but getting couple of friends together and playing it priceless.
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