GSLS Shaders mod :)

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  1. So I know this has been around for a while now... But I just tried it out and I love it! My fps is around 40 - 60 ish with it on so all is good :) With out I'm at 300+

    So here are some Screenshots that I took... TP is Sphax BDCraft 128x

    ^^^ Not my shop

    P.S. The water moves along with the trees...

    Took most of the pics at my shop on smp2 3026 <--- cheap plug I know ;)
  2. Derp link doesnt work... sorry i'll fix it asap
  3. Ricer, love your shop :) however I don't think your link to the pictures work :O may jut be my phone though
    EDIT: lol you ninja'd me
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  4. Ok I just posted the pics instead of messing with a link haha
  5. Dat FPS :O
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  6. Lol alex, Super comp FTW :rolleyes:
  7. ;( that's so beautiful
  8. Few more at my Floating Sheep Farm :)

    ^^^ Kids don't do this IRL, it will hurt.... A lot
  9. I'm jealous, if only my computer could handle shaders :(
  10. It could some day... I started MC on a crappy PC at first...
  11. I'm curious, how much does your supercomputer cost? And does it have to be assembled?
  12. Well I actually just bought a Dell xps 8300 from their outlet for 830$ Came with 6 gigs ram, Intel i7 - 2600 and an ok Graphics card.. but then added 8 gigs ram, and a Nvidia GTX 550Ti Graphics card... It has much more potential, But it works great for what I need... I also re-cased it so it isn't the white dell case anymore... This at the time was much cheaper than building a PC... I priced it all out back then...
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  13. wow, not bad, I have a Toshiba satellite which I got for about $150 off of the normal price, $750, and it works well for what I need, but it could be better
  14. The sheep (or what i'm guessing are the sheep) look like a combination of a dog, a sheep and a mammoth.
  15. Haha, I can see this
  16. What Shaderpack are you using? Are they RudoPlays Shaders?
  17. I need this mod...
  18. Man, if I has a computer as good as yours... I would totally install that mod!!!
  19. I have shaders too but I dont like the fact that it makes stuff really dark.

    Does anyone know a shaders pack that doesn't do that?
  20. Sjin was using one that is quite vibrant in his latest Let's Build video, not sure what it is but maybe this will help?