Grytmflo signs in.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by grymtflo, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Hey guys (and girls if there are any, no discriminations here)!
    Just joined the empire, and were super stoaked over the organisation.
    Decided to join up but are having some issues atm with my connection, just logged out and now it seems like I can't log back on. Well never mind.
    Short about my self: I'm old, like really old (nah, but 23 of age), and is studying to become a teacher in math and psychology for the Swedish upper school (gymnasium, for the ages 16-19). Used to dream about becoming an architect, which I guess is the main reason that i like minecraft.
    Character: For the people who are familiar with Naruto Shippunen, my character wears an akatsuki robe. For you who aren't its a black/red cloak with red contrasted white clouds.
  2. 23 is old? I must be ancient. Nice to meet ya, have fun and keep your nose clean.
  3. Welcome grymtflo. It's cool that you're studying to be a teacher and I think I can relate to your interest in architecture.

    Just curious, how does one study to teach math and psychology?
  4. Welcome to the old man club << 27 lol
  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)

    Where did you hear about us? Usually the "can't log in" problem just requires some time to let Minecraft realize that you actually logged out, haha. (We're hoping MC fixes this sometime).
  6. Re Takn0h: Concidered that most swedish individuals whom play Minecraft is about 12 years old, 23 is old ^^
    Re AusQB: We got a first and a second topic. Usually people pick subjects close to eachother, like history/religion, swedish/english or chemistry/biology. But we don't have to and are free to pick any combination. I picked psychology because I'm intrerested in it, and math for a more career option since there's a shortage of mathteachers in sweden. ^^
    Re JustinGuy: Thanks! We soon to be retired must stick together. ^_^
    Re GameKribJEREMY: Found you on a googlelist over minecraft servers. =)