Grymtflo recidence (412)

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by grymtflo, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone!
    I'm not a masterbuilder, but I thought that I might share my first creation on my empire residence.
    I got some loose plans about tearing it down and make a new structure, but we'll see about that. What do you guys think? Oh, and its open for everyone to visit and explore it in game =)
    Gryres 1.jpg gryres2.jpg gryresfirstfloor.jpg gryressecfloorR.jpg gryressecfloorL.jpg gryresmaindeckR.jpg gryresvisitorsbalcony.jpg gryresmaster bedroom.jpg gryresmasterbalcony.jpg
  2. I really love this structure. It has such an artistic an abstract design to it. I found myself wandering in and around it for quite some time the other day.

    Awesome job.
  3. This is awesome! As AusQB said it is very artistic!
  4. Haha I found this one randomly as well the other day and thought it was amazing. Good job.
  5. Thanks!
    I'll be working on getting materials and a blueprint for the next project. But I guess I will put it on hold for a while ^_^
  6. That's funny, I happened to stumble into this beautiful building a little while ago too.

    I saw it and I was like, wow! That's outstanding!

    It's really original Grymtflo. Nice work!