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  1. Hi, I often see posts on the forum advertising new guilds of factions. Although I am not part of one I can see how a method of grouping would be useful. A few examples:

    The group plugin:
    /g invite louiskw
    /g remove louiskw

    Use in a residence, a use for gset:
    /res gset my_awesome_guild build true

    On an access sign:

    I know EMC doesn't implement custom chat channels yet, but this suggestion and that go hand in hand. /ch g

    Of course there would have to be a cost. Something fair but affordable, and non-refundable :p

    So this would basically just group players for use with other plugins. With the wild land protection coming out I can see how this would help.

    Comment and discuss!
  2. I don't really like it. It's a good idea, but not for emc. If everyone's In a different faction, then where would our amazing community be? Lets see which servers have great communities against which have factions. It would also be a popularity thing, and or new members wouldn't do anything because everyone was with there faction and no one would help them, hence them leaving.

    Factions=community fractions :)
  3. I agree with TheTrufflehunter, Yes this would be good especially for access signs, and setting flags (Aikar is already working on group PM :D) but making "groups" would create cracks in EMC's foundation... It just simply isn't needed!
  4. I can definitely see where this would affect the community, but without PVP, no-one can get wound up.
  5. Actually we are coming up with a group/party system to co-inside with some of our other updates. We don't have many details yet so nothing to really post, but it will be helpful in things like giving permissions on protected land that you get with the dragon credits (or whatever they'll be called then). We have a few secret ideas we haven't talked about yet either that will go well with a group/party system. Stay tuned. :)
  6. Wow really that's cool...
  7. I suppose...
  8. Well I was tempted to ignore this because you guys put us in such a crossroads when you suggest ideas we already got planned but not ready to speak on yet.... =P But ICC has spilled beans now!

    We do have plans for group based interactions, but I assure you, our plans for group based stuff is STRONGLY tied to community binding activities, and will not "fracture" the community.

    As for the aspect of "permanent groups" as the OP suggests, This is something that's already happening with the wild...

    Wild colonies are segmenting off and fracturing from the town chat community, but our goal with the wild updates is to end that and still bring them to town, but providing some group affiliation system is still something useful to officially give support to those who are creating the groups anyways.

    Overall, we want to provide you guys the tools to play the game, but put incentive into keeping the community strong, and with the dragon tomb as the start of whats to come, I think you guys will very strongly see that EMC is making a huge push to community building and interaction :)

    Town chat will not be dominated by economic chat, it will be dominated by socializing and group interaction.
    These ideas are pretty much the "Secret Updates" I've mentioned. But please, just wait :) We don't want to build up more hype than delivering...

    Things are taking longer than expected in other areas that's delaying the dragon tomb system... but we are close to moving onto the initial steps on these so stay tuned... it won't be long before we are ready to start talking about these.