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  1. I think for the groups there should be a command for the members to claim a group res by the command /groupres /groupres claim and /groupres. i think this would be a good idea because it would be a good place to make protected buildings in the wilderness and to not always to be in the plot-like world.
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  2. That is what dragon tombs are for. :)
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  3. Maybe this can go along the group XP update.
  4. Groups aren't permanent though. They're like the "squad" or "party" function in most MMOs, not "faction." If a member of a group logs out for more than five minutes, they are removed from that group. When only one person in a group is left online, the group is effectively disbanded.

    Also, claiming land in the wilderness is a wholly separate thing from claiming a residence in town. As boozle pointed out, the only plan for land-claiming in the wild is via dragon eggs, which is expected to roll out when the Dragon Tombs are finally released.

    TL;DR, interesting idea, flawed premise.
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  5. Equinox_Boss do u think it wud go gud in the groups