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  1. alright so as of earlier today the construction of my smp3 display had finally began after so much time working on the design and then putting it together while taking care of classes and working. right now only phase 1 is going up which consists of the base that the main build will sit on. after that is completed then i will start on phase 2 which of course will be the main build structure and the interior. phase 3 will be later which will be the underneath of all the plots which will be a surprise that i will not give out any info until the time comes. if anyone would like to check it out it is on smp3 at 6003. move is off though due to it being a mess so just go to town then head north/west and you will see it. not much to see atm but it will be going up pretty fast due to getting help from
    Cfcdog13 and NetherSpecter.
    i decided to get a few players to help me out because there is no way i would be able to complete it by the deadline i gave myself unless i had a few extra hands helping out there. i will post updated pictures as it goes along but none for now as there isnt enough up to take pictures of.

    Also if anyone has any questions feel free to ask!
  2. Why did you choose SMP3? :)
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  3. because there are other great SMPs just tell us! :p
  4. Under developed SMP3 Finally getting some beautiful buildings
  5. i chose smp3 because it seemed it didnt have much going on around spawn or have many things to do like some of the other servers did like pvp or events so i thought it would be nice to give it something more
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