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  1. I was just wondering if there are Public grinders or mob spawners on the SMP's. If their is, Pm with details. It will help boost my enchantment shop.
  2. There are not... people barely ever release the Coords of their private grinders either. People don't like to be greifed and mobs do not spawn on areas that can't be greifed.
  3. Well thanks anyway, just wanted to know if their were any local ones :)
  4. I actually Know of a Grinder on Smp4 that is some what public, It's not to far from spawn and it's in the open. It hasn't been greifed yet but I wouldn't say it is the best grinder either. It's in a desert and is a big black square on the map. I'm not giong to give out the cords you will have to find it your self.
  5. ... that is my old grinder I think... someone repaired it?
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  6. Is it a huge box of cobble and obsidian in the air that makes them fall down a hole?
  7. Well, thanks for your helps guys
  8. Well It was cobble with a fall down hole... don't know who added the obsidian...
  9. Well if it's a big thing in the air in a desert On Smp4 not to far from spawn it's probably yours! Lol
  10. SP4 big thing in the air in a desert... I'll check and see if its mine... I am pretty sure it is.
  11. I pm you the cords to it.