Grinders 'R' Us - Now active on SMP7!

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  1. Want to get the most of your Mob Spawner?

    Want a
    way to mass those mobs together so you can beat the crap out of them?

    Then come to Grinders 'Я' Us for all your EXP needs!

    We cater exclusively to SMP7 for the time being and have a range of Grinders available to suit your needs.

    We can do Zombie or Skeleton Grinders or Spider Grinders, but for the sake of ease on both our part and the owners part, we will not do mixed grinders that involve Spiders due to the glitches and issues with them.

    Zombie or Skeleton Grinders: 500r

    Spider Grinders: 700r

    We provide all resources required, you simply provide the Mob Spawners*!

    * We require all Mob Spawners to be de-activated before our work-team will commence construction (Lit with torches so they don't spawn)
    Notes: All safety equipment must be provided by the Client. All high or exposed areas must be fenced off. Lava pools must be filled or blocked off. Death drops must be filled or blocked off. A clear route of access must be provided to the Mob Spawner from surface. If the Mob Spawner is in a hidden location we will endeavour to keep that location secret but cannot be held responsible for any compromise that may occur. The Client must provided food at the Mob Spawner. If dealing with multiple spawners the Client must clear the areas surrounding all involved spawners to allow swift construction. The Client is responsible for work-team security and must be able to provide a reasonable amount of defence to the work-team whilst construction is under way. The Client must also provide tea and biscuits at regular intervals in clean cups.We are not responsible for future failure of the Grinder via natural or unnatural causes. If the Grinder is damaged by explosions the Client is responsible for repairs. Maintenance is a per-visit fee and any alterations required after completion will incur extra costs.
  2. Shouldn't it be Grinders 'Я' Us? :p

  3. Haha
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  4. I tip my hat to you, good sir.
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  5. My thoughts exactly.
  6. Where is blaze
  7. My fields are the three mentioned. Blaze requires more work to get it right, whereas the other three I can rock up and have the job done in an hour, tops.


    You know it's true! I had some work done on my house a while back and they must've went through a whole box of teabags and a pack of biscuits. Good job though, so happy with that!
  8. Can you setup multiple spiders to work as one? how much?

    how many people are going to be working on it? Just one? Secrecy is key here and the more people that know about it the higher the risk.

    References on your name?
  9. now thats what I call fine print. You are giving the cellphone companies a run for their money!
  10. Haha, this is proving fairly popular!

    I've got two jobs booked in already Leo, so I'll need to wait until those are complete before I could look at yours.

    There are several versions that can work with spiders.

    One very efficient way is designed if you're going to be punching away like crazy. Instead of a crusher, you have cactus set up so that the spiders drop into the middle of them. You're still punching away but the cactus is helping you reduce the health of the spiders.
    This means you can do it whilst you're AFK instead of having to come back to operate a crusher.

    PM me if you want more details on that to try it yourself.
  11. I have a spider one can u set it up?
  12. Wait only smp7?
  13. Nice thing, Like the idea. But i have 1 thing left to do... find a spawner.
  14. Yes. I've had that many people PM'ing me to ask for this service, I can only manage one server right now, and it's 7.
  15. I'l hire ya! One spider spawner please!