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  1. So, I'm interested in making a good grinder, would anyone like to offer me some tips before i start to make it?
  2. EthosLab.go look him up on Youtube.
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  3. Can I help?
  4. this is an exp points grinder, so each floor repeats those designs,

    center floor is composed of 4 x 4 of 3x3 pads, then the wings are also 4 x 4 3x3 pads but they space up 1 level in between the 2 chunks due to the original design. Now that would of not been needed but i'm not lowering every floor lol.

    they all have holes that drop them to floor 1, where floor 1 is nothing but water to pull them to 4 center drop chambers that drops 23 blocks to bring them to half a heart life.
  5. and do you have any advice for a long term stay in the wild? :). i started my house today