Grinder Set up! Name your Price!

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  1. Do you have a spawner but don't know how to make it a grinder?
    Well then you have come to the right place.
    I will take 3 jobs at a time. Pm me if you want one.
    Kill-able with one hit, guaranteed
    1 week limited warranty
    Comes with a loot pusher for unreachable loot!
    Any Server!
    I Supply the Materials!


    Here are some pictures of what it will look like
    Mob grinder.jpg Mob grinder2.jpg
    Mob grinder3.jpg
    Fine Print:
    Spawner must have torches around it.
    Spawner must be easily accessible
    14wcooley is not responsible for the spawner breaking after one week of use
    Warranty does not cover the loot pusher
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  2. Oh wait, im not gonna decorate the collection room either.
  3. umm, you could die intentionally and get paid like 5k XD i definitely will not use you. i am sorry, but too much "fine print" go check out alexchance. he is rich cuz of his grinder buisness. and does he have "fine print?" no!
  4. instead of that, how about u make a bed at the grinder, and sleep there. then wen job's done, u break bed and boom yer in town.
  5. AC doesn't do grinder anymore
  6. Fine. I'll drop the 1k thing
  7. i have 3 spawners ready to make to grinders, but there's too much fine print. i am sorry
  8. Sounds awesome. I will PM you when I have found a spawner XD
  9. By dropping the 1k deal, I would edit it out of the OP as not to confuse people.
  10. Selling Zombie Spawner! PM Me!
  11. Off topic, but what is that green box?
  12. LOL that my friend is chest finder
  13. Possibly a slime behind the wall just peeking out looking at the zombies suffering.
  14. Nodus Hacked client, chest finder, HAX
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  15. Yep, I catch hackers for a living....look at other screenshots also
  16. Torches around it: not hard.
    Easily accesable: no lava within 5 blocks
    Not responsible after a week: just saying the warranty only lasts a week, if it breaks before ill fix it.
    Doesn't cover item pusher: your lucky your getting a warranty at all
  17. 14, my friend, it's appears you've been caught using chest finder,
  18. That's only one of my jars I used to find the dungeon on creative. I've never used it on emc you can check anything you'd like.
  19. Shoot, this is on creative! Single player! Is it not okay to hack single player?