Grinder Making Service

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  1. Hello everyone of EMC, me and a friend have been thinking about this for a while, we have decided to start building grinders for people who would like one! We only make grinders for people who know were a spawner is. It might be possible ( for a little extra ) we could find you a spawner, if one can be found! The prices vary depending on the type and how many are built!
    Please contact Inuyasha1204 or Tippy97 for any more info on this!!

    Depending on the spawner

    Zombie : 1.5k
    Skelly : 1.5k
    Spider : We dont do!
    Cave Spider : We dont do!

    For a better feel, we will build a small base with the grinder.!

    This includes

    Farm : Wheat, melon and sugar
    Animal pen : Cow and mooshroom
    Vault : 4 double chests

    With that future, the prices will vary depending on what package you would like!
    ( If you buy a custom or platinum package, please give us some details on what you would like as a building supply )

    Custom Package: Spawner & base

    Regular Package: Spawner & small farm

    Platinum Package: Spawner, farm, potion room and living area

    Note: We do not do Blaze, spider and cave spider sapwners
  2. With the potion room you will get: 4 Brewing stands,12 Glass bottles,12 Glistering Melons, and unlimited water source! :)
  3. Hey hey hey, Can I has one foe free BFOACGFLAD, I'm kidding.
    I cant afford this, But good luck.
  4. Zoe, do you know were a spawner is, ill be gald to make one for you
  5. It's okay but... I don't think people pay much for doing single Skellies and Zombies since they're pretty much the easiest :p

    Do you do ones like quad Skels/zombies ? 1 kill zone 1 spawn zone
  6. Yes we do :D
  7. And the price would be...