'[Grinder Building] Iron Farms, Dungeon Grinders, and SpawnPad Grinders

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  1. Hello,
    I own a Grinder Building Service, Here is a a model list, with a price list and reviews from previous customers:

    These are Grinders that use Spawn Pads to their advantage.
    Docm77's Enderman Grinder:
    Desc Uses piston to shove endermen to either your fists or to DC's for of their precious pearls.
    Price: (YOU Supply, 9,500 per level) (I Supply 13,000 per level)
    Completion: 2.5 Months after request, possibly more or less.

    Etho's Practical grinder:
    Desc: Uses a semi-efficient design with water streams, will not spawn spiders.
    Price : (I use stone, if requested in PM, I will make Price arrangements according to material requested) 1250r per STONE level.
    Completion: 2 weeks after request, possibly more or less

    Minecraft Muse's Classic Mob Grinder:
    (No Vid available)
    Desc: Uses classic MOB AI to it's advantage, 6x6 pads spawn mosters as they carelessly fall into water and with the use of water current they are killed by a simple lava trap, where their items are then collected.
    Price: 600r per pad
    Completion: 1 month after request.

    These are the one of the best breeds of dungeon-style experience grinding.

    YOU Find spawners. I will put a list of known blaze spawners if I have dicovered any above this.

    Single- 8,000r

    Simple Iron farms, gives you all those roses and iron. or you could make an army with them too :)

    Dom77's Four Cell.
    Desc: A sipmle four cell grinder put Iron golems to their misery and will bring lost of people to your outpost.
    Price: 10,000r
    Completion: 1 month after request.

    These are cheap, easy to find and effective.

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  2. Will build blaze grinders! Find that one spawner but don't know what to do? Here I am!
  3. I'll do dungeon grinders now :) Those will be cheap too :D