[GRINDER AND MOB DROP BULDING] 420 Inc. Grinder And Mob Drop Building Services

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  1. 420 Inc. Grinder And Mob Drop Building Services

    So heres what grinders i am offering to build, and the prices associated with them;

    --Skeleton Grinder XP And Item Farm: 5000r (+500r cost of material) ("Doubles" are simply an extra 5000r)
    Note That Zombie and skeleton spawners are the same.
    --Zombie Grinder XP And Item Farm: 5000r (+500r cost of material) ("Doubles" are simply an extra 5000r)
    Note That Zombie and skeleton spawners are the same.
    --Mob Drop (Drops skele's, zombie's, creeper's, and spiders. May be more, I cant remember :/ ): 1000r (+200r cost of material)
    The tall tower you see is the mob drop. You Do not get XP from this "Grinder".
    --Ethoslab Style Blaze Grinder: 13,000r (+1000r cost of material) ("Doubles" are simply an extra 13,000r)
    --I do not find spawners. If you want the grinder built, you must first have a spawner that you own, already disabled.
    --I build Grinders and mob drops on the following server's: Smp1-Smp9. (So all of them except Utopia)
    --All orders take a max of 5 DAYS to build* If not, i gaurantee your money back AND the grinder built still.
    --All Orders are to be sent to me in a Personal Message. Any orders posted on this thread will be ignored. Your order should include; the type of grinder you want, the amount (single or double), which smp its on (smp9? smp1?), the x, y and z co-ords of the disabled spawners with a rough description on how to get there (e.g. south outpost? north outpost?)
    *One Order= One single grinder. Therefore if its a double, the order MAY take more than 5 days on rare occasions (e.g. No internet, minecraft.net goes offline, ect ect)
  2. 420 lmao
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  3. Edited OP to include a screenshot with a little note at the bottom :)

    Haha :p
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  4. Hmm, I may have you to build a Mob Drop Grinder. Lemme think into it, I will pm if so.
  5. Ok not a problem. Yeah PM me. I might add a screenshot on the OP of what the outside of the mobdrop looks like
  6. What are the dimensions of the Mob Drop? 20x20, 30x30, 40x40, 50x50, 60x60, 70x70, 80x80, 90x90, 100x100?
  7. Edited OP to add screenshot and additional info about mob drops.

    Ok so the thin tower that goes up is 4x4. Then the structure on top goes out 8 blocks in all directions and 3-4 blocks high
  8. Feel free to ask anything i may have missed out. Still waiting for my first order ;) *hint hint*
  9. I hope that is in single player, because someone could take the coords from the minimap and track them :/

    EDIT I see the creative fly
  10. Yes, i wouldnt dare build a blaze grinder with windows on survival XD
  11. Still waiting for my first order. Also adding to the thread soon will be AC's Approval. Im getting him to check out the blaze grinder and give me his approval.
  12. mate the coords are in the first pic, i suggest u edit em out :)
  13. No this is fine, this was a public town i built that i have now abondonded. There is still plenty out there everyone is free to go :)
  14. ok just making sure so it didnt get griefed or anything :)
  15. Thank you kind sir :)
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  16. Edited OP to include additional info on zombie and skeleton XP grinders aswell as screenshots.
  17. First Order Completed For 420 Inc Which was a mob drop :)
  18. How much for a Quad Skeleton? 20k??
  19. yes that would be 20k , plus 500r each for material and travel, so all up it would be 22k