Griffin in Safe Harbor (solved)

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Yamanqui, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. Hello, just to report a grieffing event in Safe Harbor (south of main spawn in smp7 wilderness). It's nothing too bad, they just destroyed a farm, some buildings and lots of threes, and in fact it was long overdue according to my original expectations when I first take care of that spot.

    The only reason I mention it is that the damage is consistent with fire destruction, and perhaps they used lava to start the fire, which would enable moderators to catch the perpetrators. The area affected lies between (190,200) and (260,260).

    Anyway, the Safe Harbor is not scheduled for cleanup for at least 2 more months, when I will go and rebuild everything (except the buildings, since I don't have the blueprints for those). If in the meantime someone want to help with the cleanup, as always every help is welcomed.

    before.png After.png
  2. PM Maxarias and Bigdavie. :)
  3. Yea, just do what jk says
  4. BigDavie had already resolved the issue 2 weeks ago, I was the one who took too long in noticing the grieffing.
  5. As explained, please don't post threads on griefing. PM any online mod and senior staff, ICC and Max.
  6. Sorry, I must have missed the explanation, are you sure you posted it in this thread? I seem to be unable to find any other post by you in the thread.

    I just looked thru the rules (not exhaustibly) and didn't find any rule about that, could you point me to this rule?

    ---- Edit ----
    I did find this:
    But while it states that you must contact the staff, it doesn't prohibits to post threads about it.
    ---- Edit ----

    Also, the culprit was banned 2 weeks ago, since the staff is way quicker in solving problem than I am in noticing them, so instead of seeing this as a "griefing thread" you could consider it a thread in the efficiency of the staff.

    And finally, when I fixed the Safe Harbor for the first time (more than a year ago) I knew it would be griefed (it's too close to spawn not to be), and I decided that I would fix it as many times as people destroyed it, so every 3 or 4 months I go and rebuild everything, as such the destruction dons't really cause "grief" in me, but I didn't know what other title to use in the thread. If you have any suggestion I'll be happy to use it next time I post something of the like.
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  7. It tells you to pm a mod, as to not make a thread. The pm is in place of a thread.
  8. Glad that bigdavie caught it. Closing thread.
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