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  1. I need help, I'm currently being griefed repeatedly by someone but i'm struggling getting screenshots of the actual griefing, i know who it is because I've seen him do it, what should i do?
  2. You should continue to try to get screenshots. He can't be punished without evidence. When you get the screenshots, start a conversation with a staff member. And just a tip about screenshots, rapidly press F2. The more screenshots you get, the better.
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  3. I'm always up for banning those who deserve it. You can send any real evidence you get to me!
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  4. He also tried to take my enchanting table and stole my crops, I'll try and find the screenshots
  5. I commend you on not releasing the suspected players name, very mature and appreciated.
    The best course of action is to contact a staff member with all the relevant information. We can't really do anything based on speculation alone, but we may be able to find evidence you don't have access to. Screen shots are hard to come by sometimes, but if we know about it, we may be able to help catch them. :)
  6. Thank you so much, should I message you in some way the players name?
  7. Click on shaun's name and click on "Start a Conversation" to send him the information. He said he wanted all relevant information so I would assume the player's name would help.
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  8. Sure thing, if you haven't started a private convo before, just click on my name/picture anywhere on the forums/website, then click "Start a conversation". :)

    By all the info, I mean players name, server, coordinates, but we can chat in convo. :)
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  9. Shaun is the absolute best of the best. He helped me when I was brand new to the servers. Turned out I didn't need his help, but he offered to teleport to me and collect my things if I died. Fortunately I didn't die that time.