Griefing? Unacceptable

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Tomkilz, May 6, 2012.

  1. Hello, players. A day ago, in the Nether, in The Condo Of Hell (Sorry if it's illegal saying that) I made a nether wart farm. So then I joined the next morning to see my nether wart farm was completely griefed! Someone even took the sould sand, and obviously, the nether warts. I would like an admin to check this out, since I can't report something without knowing the player.
  2. Hey Tomkilz,

    The admins cant check who has taken the blocks and the nether wart - unless you have the screenshots.

    A good advice would be to move the farm further out - and try to hide it better (at bedrock - top or bottom).

    If your redoing the nether wart let me know - i'll borrow you some warts to replant.
  3. Well, I know where the site where I lost them was, so is that good? Btw, it's Smp5.
  4. Unfortunately, we wouldn't have anything to go off of that you can't see yourself. So, without any kind of proof, there isn't much we can do.
  5. As PThagaard said, unless you have screenshots of the griefers and PM them to a mod nothing can be done. Your only choice is further out and well hidden.
  6. Its of no use - im sorry.

    You can have an admin clarify this if needed, but they will give you the same answer as the above. (GOSH IcecreamCow your so damn quick... calm down okay? this is MY TIME TO SHINE!!!!)

    If i were you i would do 1 of 2 things..

    1: Become a supporter and use Utopia Nether ;)
    2: Thing very carefully about where you place farms/items/houses/valuables in the wild/nether - it is NOT safe no matter what, but you can do different things to "hide" your farms as much as possible.
  7. Ok... Then I'd like some warts please. :p
  8. There we go.

    Remember the advise too and you'll be somewhat safe to make the wart farm.