Griefing on utopia.

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Do you think we should have a Block Log Plugin?

Yes! For everyone! 2 vote(s) 20.0%
No if it causes too much lag, But yes if it works smoothly! 7 vote(s) 70.0%
Yes, but for Supporters only to reduce lag. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
NO, im clearly a griefer who doesnt want to be caught!!! (if you pick this, post your name please) 1 vote(s) 10.0%
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    you would think that people who pay to play wouldnt want to risk getting banned. i have no idea who griefed my mob trap, but they should remove themselves from our community because they are obviously not mature enough to interact with anyone.

    anyways, they arent worth talking about anymore, now on to important things!
    i think we should add a block log to the server plugin list. I went onto the bukkit website and found two plugins that i thought would work for us.



    this is the perfect way to eliminate griefing players. Basically, these plugins record who placed a block, and if that block is destroyed, who destroyed it. SWatchdog seems to be more complicated, but they are both good. They both record bucket use. To me, this seems like a perfect way to make our community better by weeding out the griefers and making the mods job easier:) Just a suggestion on my part:)

    EDIT--- sorry i forgot to enter a "just no" option for the poll:(

  2. Also, this is mainly supposed to be a thread on the suggested plugins, i just forgot to change the name:(
  3. A lot of people have posted threads about this kind of plug in. Each time it has been denied because it would cause so much lag. Think of how many people there are in the empire. To record each block placed, even if it was only every 10th block say, would require better hardware than we can afford with the number of supporters that we have. Even with Justin's magic powers it would just use too many resources that we can't afford right now to loose. Otherwise, I think Justin would have implemented this sort of system already! ;)
  4. I picked the last one, not because I'm a griefer, but because it simply wouldn't work very well. Everyday, 10's of thousands of blocks are placed, so it simply wouldn't work, then add in the lag.
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  5. on the SWatchdog page it says "No lag whatsoever." of course, they dont always tell the truth;)
  6. Maybe just a block log for spawners, or to be able to make a special block protecting sign that costs a lot to place would be feasible? I've had a grinder's spawner block broken before, and it's really a bummer, after all the work that goes into making a good XP farm :(
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  7. maybe an expensive sign could be placed that records destruction of X number of blocks around it??? is that what you had in mind?
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