Griefing on my residence

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  1. Someone destroyed blocks to enter my residence and stole items out of my chest!
    Who can do that? I think its protected for me?
  2. Say /res pset
    And check the flags.Post them here and we will see who did.
  3. Impossible unless
    1. You're lying or
    2. You accidentally gave someone permissions.

    Unfortunately nothing can be done without evidence. :)
  4. Is there a command that shows who has flags to your resident?
  5. Yes, "/res info" shows your res details, including flags given.
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  6. In the words of MANY people on EMC, would you give the keys to your house to someone you don't know.
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  7. There's a guy i know and he is always honest a i can trust him alot. His name is robo2342. I dont know him personally.
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  8. Sorry to hear about this. Just be careful to whom you give perms. They can destroy you and there isn't much you can do without solid evidence.
  9. I gave nobody permissions for my residence and why schould I grief at my residence?
  10. It's not common in EMC, but if this was real life it'd be for insurance fraud.
  11. what smp are you from? Because if you are from smp5, it is very possible if you haven't been on for a few days.
  12. How so? Is there something on smp5 I have been missing out on?
  13. when the servers reset a few days ago, for a few mins after, there were no rules in town, people could not teleport anywhere and people could destroy other peoples buildings and steal out of any chest. after a few mins it was reset again and all the rules were back.
  14. i am on smp5 and i was nearly every day on the server and it looks like someone was going through the town and destroys blocks to enter the residences
  15. Well MrWolfgang, I guess you have your answer then.
  16. but i lost all of my iron :(
  17. Unfortunately it seems as though somebody took advantage of a glitch in the system. Not sure the admins/mods will be able to help you out. I would PM on e of them to find out for sure.
  18. thank you for your help :)
  19. This is just not acceptable at EMC servers, but i'm shure this has never happened in the past and will never happen again :)