Griefing of land - unknown player

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  1. I am on SMP6 and exploring the center spawn at /wild - heading straight west there is a highway where someone had some fun placing blocks and signs using "foul" language right in the middle of the highway/bridge (just a little bit west of the protected spawn.)

    The griefing is kinda silly and easily reversible - but I wanted to give staff heads up instead of just removing the blocks cause I figure you might need them there in order to figure out who you need to ban? (I imagine this person had zero interest in playing here given their behavior). I couldnt figure out how to report it in game since I have no clue who did it.
  2. Best you can do is PM a moderator and give them the exact location so that they can investigate. Preferably before you make any chances to the area yourself. Because he's online at the time of writing: click here to PM Eviltoade.
  3. You shouldnt post stuff like this ( griefing and against rules stuff ) on the forums. PM a mod on the forums or in-game.
  4. Better for him to make a post and find out the usual procedures than to say nothing if he wasn't sure what to do Lil_Spartan_Cat :)

    You can use the "/staff" command in game to see what staff is online and what SMP they are currently on. Then you can go let them know. If no staff is online, your best best is to send a conversation through your Inbox to the staff. I think there is a link for that, but it escapes me at this moment. Anyone have it handy please?
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