Griefing in the wilderness

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  1. Im just going to post a few pics of 9millionaire destroying my stronghold in the wilderness.
    Anything that can be done would be great grief 3.JPG Griff 2.JPG Greif.JPG
  2. If you look in the second picture I even have a sign =(
  3. a sign like that is foreign to greifers, they think it means "PLEASE GREIF MY CREATION WHICH TOOK ME TONS OF TIME TO BUILD!!!"

    or "Greifing Practice, greif this stronghold please"
  4. Thankyou jackomighty for the screenshots, we appreciate you doing the right thing and taking screenshots instead of retaliating, for future instances please do so by contacting an online staff member in a private conversation. :)
    9millionaire wont be griefing again.

    Tshack may be right about the sign though, it probably encourages people griefers to damage your stuff. I am very glad you caught them this time, i hope it doesnt happen again.
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  5. I asked a mod, he told me to post a public fourum, ill try and remember that next time, if there is one. thanks for looking it over.
  6. Looks like the graveyard will be getting another resident. :( Sad to see this...
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  7. He was a very new player, only 9 hours old, the rules should have still been clear in his head.
  8. Sad. :( I could help you if you want! :D
  9. Hes back and griefing again... this is rediculous.... sorry to be a burdon but can we deal with him?
  10. Was his ip banned like last time cos he can change his ip simply
  11. Ban his username then.
  12. Its annoying how you give someone a clear message not to grief and then they just ignore it! He obviously didn't read the rules in the tutorial!
  13. You have 2 sorts of 'griefers', those who destroy things on purpose and those who don't know they are doing it wrong. I think this griefer is one who who does it on purpose... considering he even said he'll kill jackomighty :eek:
    A sign will not stop them... they want 2 destroy that building, structure.
  14. it's bad that he is griefing again, i hope his name gets banned!
  15. I can't wait to see a new gravestone in our grave yard for this guy :)
  16. yes, they should really ban him!
  17. The graveyard is a little backed up at the moment, the undertaker and gravedigger have gone on strike from overwork :p
    This player won't be causing any more trouble, due to an unfortunate glitch his ban was delayed a short time (about 45 minutes after this thread was started.)

    This matter is officially closed now I'm happy to report :)
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  18. good job!