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  1. in the last 15minutes i have had a 15x20 lot of wood on my residence burned down by an unknown person i am asking if there is a way on which i can either recieve the blocks that were burned back or if there is a way in which the culprit can be found. If possible i hope that an admin can resolve the situation because this is unacceptable. I gave no one permission for build, use or any other perm, so how is it possible i was griefed!!!
    Admins and creators of Empire DO SOMETHING YOU AWESOME GUYS
  2. Please don't swear... :( but I can't help you.
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  3. The residence plugins which manages permissions are quite advanced, and virtually impossible to bypass.
    If it is true that you had not given permissions to other players, then it is highly likely that the fire was caused by some flammable objects being too close to a lava or fire source on your lot.

    It is also in very bad taste to demand help, then insult the people who you would expect help from. You may be mad, but it is no excuse for the language and attitude.
  4. why did you reply if you cant help me ?
  5. ok well no permissions were given, i have tried turning it off and back on and it didnt work what my main question was is there a way in which i can find out who did it.
    Btw it is possoble to set someones house on fire through shooting fire charges, which is what i suspect has been done
  6. i want an admin to come onto the server and check the damage and hopefully get someone to come forward for what they have caused. i am also hoping that whoever has disobeyed one of the 'empire's rules' is banned from all of the empire servers. I am also asking if it is possible for the admins to give me the things i lost in the fire.
  7. Fire charges are disabled on this server, so it is not possible at all.
    Without permissions, players can not alter anything on your lot, do you have any fire sources on your lot?
    We can't actually replace what may have been lost, as there is no record of what was there sorry.
  8. i hate to say it but ur not getting your stuff back, and this isnt really a big enough issue that a admin would have to check on this, any way what were the things that got burnt
  9. Because of the swearing
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  10. He was asking you not to swear, which is a reasonable request.
  11. If anyone wants to see the damage done by griefers go on
    type /v 3931
    and witness one of ONLY TEN rules being disobeyed and people dont give a ****

    Thanks Empire very helpful community you are
  12. I did try and visit your plot. I don't have movement permissions there. Not sure how anyone could grief your plot if they couldn't enter it....
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  13. dude either u gave perms or theres a fire just as shaun said plz calm down
  14. luckily i have been able to restore my buildings infrastructure as i had the things that i required but i still would like an admin to come and get rid of the unknown griefer
  15. exactly thank you
  16. there was no griefer unless u gave some one perms... also what even got burnt some wood?
  17. Everyone understands that you are upset, but you are dangerously close to getting a "time out" yourself. Substituting asterisks for swears is only marginally better. I'm going to lock this thread now.

    [edit] For future reference, you would be much better served simply telling everyone that you lost a bunch of wood or whatever. This community tends to come together when that is done, and I bet you would have got volunteers of both work and goods to help rebuild. It wouldn't even matter if it had happened at the hands of a griefer (which according to your own testimony isn't possible since no one had perms) or because some fire source was too close to a flammable target. I hope you take the locking of this thread as an opportunity to start over and maybe do follow my advice this time.
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