Griefing and unwanted "visitors"

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  1. so in the last 3 days, me and a friend have had 1 girl go into our base, take some food and politely say sorry through signs, 2 people randomly wandering in, and 1 griefer who destroyed our garbage system, took our beds, stole a bunch of torches and stole my enchanter. so to get to the point, does anyone know how to keep unwanted people away?
  2. You can do /res pset [player] move false and they can not be on your property at all.... :)
  3. If you are in the wilderness, lock your stuff: you can't protect "areas" in the wilderness, that is what your residence is for :)

    If you building in your residence, don't give access to people you don't trust. :)
  4. i'd like to lock my stuff, but it takes 1000 rupees to lock the chests/anything getting that money without paying isn't exactly easy.
  5. Sorry about the wandering i was trying to get away, enjoy your diamonds? I still want to come with you guys
  6. If you guys want to get rid of the "visitors" destroy your portal
  7. I'd totally suggest not only prehaps doing so, but also Cmbcody... How about you also stop taking something that is not yours?

    I come to this answer deducting out of your post that you are one of the said "unwanted ppl"

    While the wilderness is not the safest place to store/build/live at all... we also gotta remember that we ALL are a community, at least I do not even take one piece of wood from any structure great or small in the wild beyond npc villages. Why dont you start by doing the same? one of the 10 commandments in EMC is be respectful of others, and by others it also means others's stuff
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  8. I didn't take anything I gave them diamonds for taking me
  9. Listen I was stuck and lost and I came through the portal they have I didn't take anything I just asked for help back
  10. while i dont approve of the open accusation of a player who may or may not have dont anything, I will make a quick note here that stealing in the wild is the same as stealing of someone's res. If caught, it will result in a ban, it is unaccepted no matter where it happens in the Empire.