Griefing and Plundering

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  1. I appreciate this is probably not the most original of posts.

    I live in the wild, just came back to find my huge and lovingly-built property plundered again... Seems it's getting to the stage where I spend more of my time fixing people's griefs and plunders than actually expanding or making new things.

    I kinda accept griefing is part of the danger and thrill of life in the wild, just... I'm a little bored of it now. It's not fun anymore... just fixing this stuff. All the time.

    Isn't there anything we can do?

    Tiniest of examples... isn't it possible to know who has been around? Don't we have that data? Just find the last guy who was at my house, aside from me. Boom. That isn't possible? I dunno...
  2. Report this to the mods and move 1000 blocks further out.
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  3. i cant remember the link, but the mods cant use it to ban someone. all i can remember. only help i can give, is to say to move out farther. my tiny village, thats 10k out has been standing for a year. with no incidents.
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  4. Is it very possible to know.
    I suggest PM'ing a mod about it, including details such as the coords.
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  5. Was it lava/flint+steel/a sign left there/bed broken griefing/? I know that those are definitely logged, but mods know more than I do about what is/what's not. Find an in-game mod (that's not busy) or send a PM to a staff member that's online now on the forums. They will probably be able to help you out and catch the griefer in most cases, but they'll know more about how, ect.

    I suggest that you move your base much further out, if it's an option - get iron supporter, or build underground. Good luck with the grievers and may they all be banned!

    If there's strong enough evidence against the griefer, they will be banned generally. :) But there definitely has to be evidence, whatever that may be (logs, chat messages, ect.)
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  6. Thanks for these suggestions... I didn't know I could PM mods about it, so I'll do that...

    ... Really wish I could move further out. But my place is massive and it took me months to build. Oddly enough, when I first built it, I was *waaaaaaaaaaaaaay* far out. But that was a long time ago. Now civilization has spread....
  7. You need to have Iron Supporter or your base will be compromised immediately.

    It's one of the reasons Iron Supporter is so cheap, it's a base level support package that lets you hide on the live map so people can't pinpoint where you are.

    It's essential if you want to live wild.
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  8. Hi Tarka he west island is in TFG anti grifer guard
  9. Hey general - how did you do that?
  10. The last base I built was 28k blocks out.
  11. Ok - I'll give every rupee I have to transport my base 10k clicks out.... heh
  12. Try contacting a mod about this issue. Give them all the details you can about what the greifer did, and screen shots always help. Did the greifer leave behind any evidence that might help identify them (such as a sign)? If so, be sure to include that when you contact them. If you can, try becoming a supporter for a month. It has many benefits, including the option to map hide so people can't find you using live map. For whatever reason if this is not an option, try hiding your base, or moving it farther from spawn.
    As to prevent greifing: Locking chests always helps. It does cost 1,000 rupees, but it will assure that no one can break into them. If you are concerned about the price, only lock chests that you put valuable items in. Or (as far as I know) X-ray mods can't see chests in water. I don't think they can see through lava but water might be a little bit safer. Hope this helps!
  13. I don't think that that's the case.
    While being an Iron Supporter does have the benefit of hiding you from the map, I don't think it's essential.
    There are many things that a non supporter can do to protect themselves.
    -Being at least 1 hours travel away from the outposts (griefers simply wont go that far, they prefer easy.)
    -Hiding as much of the base underground as you can.
    -And of course, locking chests.
    Bottom line, Iron makes it easier, but it certainly is not needed.
  14. I just protect that part as my corporation TFG
  15. Make sure you lock your chests. That will help.
  16. I think the case is/has been worked on, btw guys.
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  17. It has happened to us a lot of times Tarka, we have catched and banned most of them though :)
    Please, ask for our help if you need it! ;)
  18. Just for future reference...
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  19. Sorry, yes it is, krys9191 (or something like that) and bob(somethingorother) teleported to me and quickly told me they had tracked and banned the player X.

    I'm very grateful to them and to everyone who has posted stuff here :)
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  20. krysyyjane9191, bob23646 :p

    Glad that he's gone! :)
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