Griefing! Again!

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  1. My house/farm in the nether has been griefed and stolen from...again! I took a photo of a sign the griefers left but im not sure if they are just framing someone or not! What do i do with the picture? I don't think it will help because i don't think the name on the sign is the person who stole it!
  2. Make your home in town...
  3. I have one in town its just that i need a safe place while my nether stalk farm grows so i made a house in the nether but now they are both griefed!
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  4. Maybe go to wild go far away and make there a portal to the nether.....
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  5. Ok thx!
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  6. Usually the signs are framing. What do the signs say?
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  7. No problem you will spawn in a new nether place if no portals are near you...
    Good luck and if you want help send me a pm ill help everyone and you can make wlso anti-grief traps :)
    And cover your place with obsidian...
  8. It said: thx for the nether stalk love from [name]
    im not gonna say the name here
  9. PM it to me, I highly doubt it's the named. That's like shouting BAN ME! Which nobody does.
  10. I beg to differ, haha. They do it on occasion but I don't believe the named individual is the true thief this time...
  11. i have seen people asking for bans, what is wrong with them... asking to be banned from a great server like EMC....

    ANYWAYS, i think we should get a rollback system, just in-case someone has something that HAS to be made in the wild/nether like a netherwart farm.
  12. It certainly is rare though. The sign's not enough to ban anybody ever anyway.