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Do you think spawners should work like bedrock, so that you can't destroy them?

Yes! A brilliant idea;) 14 vote(s) 70.0%
No, I think you should be able to destroy them. 6 vote(s) 30.0%
  1. Hi!
    I hate griefers!
    For example:
    Yesterday a friend of mine showed me where a nether fortrees where and we went there and a blaze spawner was there so we killed some blaze and then went home.
    And for like minutes ago i returned to the nether fortrees to kill some blaze and now someone has been here and destroyed the spawner!
    You shouldn't even be able to grief spawners!
    So what am saying is...
    I want a update that makes spawners like bedrock, so that you can't destroye em'!
  2. I honestly think people should be able to destroy spawners but some people panic and destroy blaze spawners when they see one so :confused: sorry to hear about that...
  3. Hmm, interesting idea...

    It would up the survival aspect of Empire to have indestructible spawners. Does anyone destroy them for any reason other than fear of the mobs? Another thing to consider is the effect this would have on the economy. If everyone knows where a bunch of spawners are people can harvest unlimited xp and mob mats... driving the cost of those items and enchantments down. Just something to think about.

    Also, is it even possible for Justin to implement something like that? I know nothing about code.
  4. I hate griefers and completely understand your situation but I don't think spawners should be indestructible. Maybe lockable though? ;)
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  5. Now when I think about it....
    I don't want spawners to be indestructible lol:D
  6. That's an interesting idea, how about i look in to that for you ;)
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  7. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet;)
  8. This is a good idea one because you can just put torches on the spawner if you are scared and two, because it would imply more of a "survival" technic to monsters
  9. i like it. just downright like it. thats never happened to me, but suddenly i found a spawner right next to the surface so you can hear the mobs...
  10. I completely agree with Nurgles this would be a good idea. you can just simply block off the area to stop the spawners from spawning mobs but to make them where they can't be destroyed would be different...
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