Griefers and The Wasteland

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by GameKribJim, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. I get that its an "everything goes" sort of thing, in the wasteland.. but minecraft is about building, and having fun biulding things. its also about surviving. but you dont need to destroy something another person has spent hours on, just to "survive". this includes the burning of houses, and several stolen items ranging from diamonds to glass. In a way it's discouraging to see something you've spent time on, to be destoryed. I just think that something should be done if it gets past a certain point of grief...

    (I've heard a few things about the Big Brother Mod. I'm even willing to take the time to review who did what if it comes down to it.)

    Just my rant for the evening...
  2. I've had this discussion with several people. While I agree it is frustrating that people can steal your supplies and raze your buildings, I cannot empathize with victims of these actions. Those are the risks of building in the Wasteland. If you want to construct something nice that nobody can harm, build it in your residence. Similarly, you shouldn't store precious materials where anyone can grab them.

    Being in the Wasteland is about survival. That's why the town is there so be your safe haven.