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  1. i dont see any greifing taking place here... also not the place for a report, PM a Moderator on such matters, thanks.
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  2. But thier is no proof that ia not you just taking a screen shot :/ and it doesnt look like a base
  3. I do see redstone :) Mine it up and take it with you, also if he would be griefing I am sure he would have picked that redstone.
  4. *Coughs* I can see your codes
  5. He is also just shown on the livemap lol :D If you really didn't want people to grief your base then you should at least go out far into the wild :)
  6. you know, if edmundwayne sees this, he will ban you for 24 hours, right?
  7. why what did i do
  8. hes destroying what i built
  9. accusing someone of griefing on the forum instead of via pm...

    EDIT: keep taking screenshots -- the more proof, the more likely a ban :D
  10. well he left because told him i posted a forum its okay all he took was some cobble from a unlocked chest and destroyed my room that i can repair
  11. 1st: There is no solid proove, at all.
    2nd: You walked like 10 blocks out of spawn area, obviously people will see your base and grief it.
    3rd: This is not the correct way to report a griefing case.
    4th: There is nothing 'built' in your photo
    5th: Now it will get even more griefed, your coords are on the screenshot *facedesk*

    Most of the stuff was already written, i just wanted to organize ideas.
  12. Rather /close :D
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