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  1. -Snippity Snip Snip-
    Enough evidence.
  2. 1. Not the right way to report.
    2. pm a mod, most likely a higher staff, such as shaunwhite or ICC.
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  3. First of all, i was JK
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  4. ...I think it was a joke... And also don't report like this...PM a mod
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  5. BTW, that IS not enough evidence. It doesn't show him burning it down.
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  6. I did a joke too and got banned. Mods don't distinguish.
  7. I have witnesses! They'll tell you that I didn't grief anywhere. Besides, photos?
  8. 2nd of all, it wasn't D4nny's real house. We made a replica and bombed it with TNT! I wasn't griefing at all. It was about 200 blocks away from his real house, so it won't get blowned up with it...
  9. this is ok evidence you shouldnt be saying this anyway as it leads to this even if its a "Joke" so i think that we should let a mod figure this one out

  10. Dude, he was likely just kidding. Even if he wasnt, it didnt happen. Like, for example, I hyporteroticly plan out detailed heists, that I dont do for obvious reasons, and use a special engine to see my odds, as a mental exercise. Dont question it. :p
  11. The only crime is that someone spelled community wrong...
  12. Your a big snitch! You big easedropper!!
  13. I can catch griefers too, I just need to be given a shot. :(

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