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  1. Griefers. We all hate them since they mess our stuff up so much. So, I wanted to propose an idea. On regular servers, only admins and mods could use flint and steel and maybe TNT. On another, separate server, players would be an all creative world with random structures made in the Wild, and they could just grief those.
  2. Somehow I thing that if griefing were "legal" it wouldn't interest the people who grief now. I'm thinking they do it because it's against the rules, and they like feeling as if they are "getting away with something".
  3. true dat :D
  4. Hmm, legit point. However this would sort of make greifing legal in a "set" area. If it was made semi-legal, then maybe greifers would be discouraged to greif, therefore eliminating them, if your prediction is right.
  5. Exactly what i was thinking.
  6. Sounds like it's worth a try. Maybe there could be a griefing world on each server, like there is a town, wilderness, nether, and end. The griefing world would have a teleport in the spawns like the town, wilderness and nether. And, also like the town, wilderness and nether, you could do /grief (an odd command, I know) to teleport to the griefers world.
  7. Yeah, that could work.
  8. Yeah.jpg That's what would happen.
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  9. On topic: True, but we non-greifers wouldn't be affected.
    Off topic: Ouch, did all your eggs get sick?
  10. If you want something like this, go far out into the wild, build yourself a town and post on the forums, OPEN TO GRIEFING lol.
  11. DERP.jpg
  12. This is what Bob and griefers look like:
  13. But seriously, a griefers world? :/ nah..... whats nxt though? Oh i know, everyone clear your res's, town is being abolished we are all moving to wild :D <(sarcasm)
  14. Bob, work on hiding your gray text a bit more. XD
  15. LOL.jpg
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  16. That was on purpose if I wanted to hide it I would.
  17. Yup. I've only had them for one day, and all of them had to be hidden to prevent them from dying. :/
  18. well as stated in the pvp discussion some people would think that if it is allowed on one server then it must be on other's it would only worsen the problem rather then lesson it( in my view) if you would like to greif, build things on your res and tear them down daily