Griefer Reduction Idea

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  1. Does EMC share it's list of banned players with other large servers?
    If it doesn't, then surely we could start a database of banned players, which we could share with other servers, so if a griefer was banned from one large server, they would be banned from other big servers too, which might act as a deterrent?
    I'm not suggesting this should apply to all banned players, perhaps just the more serious cases, such as griefers, not chat spamming.
    I don't really know what I'm on about, and I do realise that a potential problem is that other servers might not have compatible rules with ours, but surely more inter-server cooperation would reduce griefing?
  2. MCBans already does this and there is a reason why EMC doesn't use MCBans (which I don't know). Also MCBans just got hacked a few weeks ago.
  3. not just incompatible rules, but how do we know if the mods of those other servers are complete morons and ban people for the fun of it, then use the shared ban list to flaunt their power and make life extremely miserable for someone who didn't deserve it by making it so they couldn't come to our safe haven where only people who deserve to be banned are banned.
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  4. That's the kind of thing I meant by incompatible rules, but yeah I agree that's quite a large flaw with the idea.
  5. Didn't MCBans get used as a hit list by AVO?
  6. Yes very true and one of their backup files got stolen by unknown hackers. Their servers are usually down because of DDoS.
  7. Ok, then we probobly shouldn't put Empire on. I've seen some of their videos on Youtube, and they cause destruvrion on an apocalpytic scale.
  8. Also, why put something on the Empire that could be a main source of lag and problems for the servers? It works fine at the moment, once a person is banned here they will never return (unless the appeal is accepted). But with MCbans, every server that has it enabled can see you have been banned before, this is a little unfair if the player would like to make a change and become a proper player who abides by the rules :)
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  9. Haha I didn't even know of MCban's existance until this thread tbh xD
    But yeah, I agree with what you're saying, fair enough! :)
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  10. Thanks, that's just my stance on MCbans :)
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