Griefer? Really? Right after I became diamond supporter?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mynetdude, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Screw that!

    I'm probably going to relocate to Utopia nevermind SMP4

    If that doesn't work, I won't stick around either.

    I know who did it, but I have no proof. See, that's why we need some kind of logging... he ripped the door off, sign, all my wheat, mellons, but he couldn't take my locked chest.
  2. Where you hidden on the live map and did u build far away from spawn.
  3. if he took a door and melons it really cant be that bad
  4. No, I hadn't had the chance to but somehow he was already on top of me and I asked him to stop running on top of me (kept making me go all over the place cuz he was bumping me and everytime I stopped he would dig the block under me)

    I have his screenshot but no proof of him digging or griefing no, he tore out my "garden" underground, its no big deal it could be worse but I'm not worried about it... I'm leaving SMP4
  5. In instances where there's no screenshot proof of griefing but you have got a complaint against someone for being an idiot, I'd always suggest reporting it but in a clear and concise manner. That way his name is on the logs and if it turns out he's a repeat offender, it gives the Moderators more evidence when acting against him.

    Also, if you want to build in the Wild, run for at least 60,000 blocks from one of the outer Outposts.
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  6. :D that's what I did.
  7. yeah I reported him, told them he was getting in my way, digging under/by me I do have a screenshot OF him though I did ask him to stop too and he asked "why?" LOL... well DUH.

    Anyway, I've moved to Utopia, SMP4 is actually a nice server, doesn't lag like SMP2 ;) But #2 has better peeps IMO
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  8. Good idea, but one question: how the heck do you count 60,000 blocks? :D (and then survive it? :p) I really wish it were possible to TP home from your wild fortress or whatever.
  9. I wish it was possible to use the vault. As I took some items I needed, then try ./purchase vault and it didnt work so I had to boat and walk back to spawn.
  10. Place a bed in your residence, when you wish to return, just die without your stuff on, and be teleported to your residence instantly!

    ps; you could also do it the other way, place a bed in your wild fortress, die when you enter wild, be teleported to your fortress instantly!
  11. ah, the vault... yeah you can't use it outside of town... good point about the vault.
  12. Yea I wish it was possible to use it outside off time too.
  13. The easiest way to go for Wild Survival is pick a server you don't really have any interest in and make that your Wild Server. Get your guy kitted out with the basics, two beds, and then start running.

    Take your time with it, run for a day or two of RL time and then setup home.

    True, you're unlikely to ever get back to town, but it's not your Home Server so it doesn't matter. :)
  14. That kind of works, except I can't move materials between the two ;) but the basic fact of getting there is met.

    For now that works I suppose.
  15. That works except what are you going to do with your stuff? You need the resources to build your res or to sell it, etc and you can't /vault your stuff from the wild anyhow so there's no point in having a wild home.
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