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  1. Ok so i put up a protection sign that access thing.. and people can still go through that door.. and just the other day i got griefed -_- someone help? er any idea why it didnt work?
  2. Does anyone other than yourself have flags to build/destroy/use/move/container in your residence?
  3. That is rather vague.
  4. What type of door is it and how is it usually opened?
    Anyone with use permission on your lot will be able to open/close doors.
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  5. No i'm the only one.

    I put a sign above a door and put access Kells18 but people can still walk through that door that is supposbly protected, then the other day i get griefed because it isnt keeping people out..
  6. just your normal wooden door. and no one else has permission
  7. Could be a hacker/modded client. How bad were you greifed?
  8. Please note that access signs GRANT permission but never remove it. So if they had access to the door through move or a button or a pressure plate, etc they would still be able to open. No reason to put an access sign with your name, you have access to everything in your lot :)

    What do you mean you got griefed? How?
  9. If its on your lot you don't even have to put a sign there. People without permissions can't open doors.
  10. ooh ok i didnt relise if someone didnt have access flags they could still not open the door. and i wasnt on my main server for a few days and a ton of trees where cut down and it wasnt that much, im just confused how they got through the door in the first place :S
  11. LOL oh wow, im srry guys.. ive been in the process of expanding my shop the past two months and i left the top open so u can jump off and i keep the back door to my treee farm open and they most of went through there. I'm so srry for bugging about a situation that didnt even exist. That was my fault.
  12. people wouldnt be able to cut down trees without build permissions

    type /res info
    to see who has permissions
    then type /res default

    to clear everyones permissions
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  13. Well Justin says that the videos should soon be in there :D It's my play on the original slogan xD
  14. OH. I though it was a mis_spelling. My bad, heh.