Griefed once again...

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  1. Well me and my brother have moved servers once again to aim to get away from the griefing.... and once again have stumbled upon another grief.....Something honestly needs to be done about this, we have wasted several hours on several different projects and all for nothing, :mad::mad::mad: The wilds are no safe as everyone says they are
  2. Just walk farther out. Seriously, anything beyond 2-3000 blocks is much less likely to be griefed.
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  3. open up a dialogue with the moderators/senior staff so they can investigate who did it

    if you can, build further out in the wild. the farther out, the less likely you are to get griefed.
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  4. Like everyone said, build further out in the wild. Transport via nether due to when you travel in the nether 4 blocks vs 1 block in over world so you can either travel faster or further.
  5. It's actually 8:1, even better.

    This link leads to a mod who will get you help. Shoot him a pm and he will catch griefers. I am sorry your base was griefed, but you should move farther out. 30k is practically grief proof, and 5k is relatively safe. Best of luck sorting this out.
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