Griefed in the wild...

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  1. I have had two amazing forts in the wild and they both got griefed,in smP2 west outpost if u follo the huge
    Bridge completely straight the just keep following the smaller trail then u will see my huge base that has been destroyed....and I don't knOw who destroyed this base but I do know who destroyed my secret base underground.... Can the person get in trouble?
  2. yes, griefing in the wild is against the rules and is a bannable offence. you should start a private conversation with a moderator and include any screenshots you may have as proof.
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  3. Okay what if I have no pictures but the person has a trail leading from his base to mine and it's undergr
  4. Ound and the person has a locked chest that has his name? He also took all the stuff from my chest
  5. Yea i was with holy at the time we were greifed
  6. Your best bet is to private message a moderator and give them the details, usually screenshots are needed for proof, but if you give them the details they can decide if it is enough proof. Keep in mind, even if there is not enough proof for a ban, they will be able to keep this information next time something regarding this person comes up.
  7. First of you, build as far away from spawn as the further the better protected :)
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  8. It happens to me and Djozane all the time. His base got griefed, then we started a new one, and that one has been robbed multiple times and our mob trap was blocked up so no mobs could spawn, and some of it was even stolen!
    I have reported it to mods many many times, but I can never get a screenshot of the griefer doing it which is what they want.

    My base is on SMP3 on the island down south, by the way. If you want to help me clean up the damage meet me down there with Djozane sometime soon. We don't plan on moving yet.
  9. If people insist on building in the Wilds then it needs to be a good, long distance away from the Spawn. We're talking ten minutes of real-time walking here, at least.

    Once you've done that, if you're building something that can be seen from the Live Map, consider putting up a shield. This is when you create a roof over your structure at the build height limit of whatever the natural terrain is (Dirt, sand etc) so that on Live Map it looks like a blank spot of land.

    This means people that actively check Live Map for structures, wont see it and go for it.
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  10. theres a 3d function though, so they see the sides
  11. Yep, which means in the end it will not work for some. I use the 3D feature as i have built my 'project' and i like looking at it from a birdseye view lmao.
  12. Build the entire thing underground surrounded by wall of obsidian XD
    I did it once and forget where it is :(
    It's a skelly xp grinder on smp2. If anyone happen to find it
  13. I prefer Blaze Spawners myself. :p
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  14. Blaze XD
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