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  1. what sort of proof would i need to get some idiot banned for griefing in the wild?
  2. Screenshots ideally, people are warned from the minute they enter tutorial that the only safe place to build is on your own 60x60 lot in town. Without screenshots or an admission of guilt from the accused player it is a "he said/she said" situation and the benefit of the doubt has to go to the accused player.
  3. yep, i know its not safe to build in the wild but whoever it is really getting on my nerves. i will get screenshots of their mindless abuse.
  4. mindless abuse? sounds pretty average. i hope you catch them! whats there name? if you know then we can look out for them.
  5. iv got a hunch but i wouldnt name names util i was sure
  6. ok. thats one thing that i hate about minecraft. its so hard to remember peoples names.
  7. Yeah screen caps are almost a nail in their coffin. As they say, a pictures worth a thousand words. I hope you nab them too, good luck and build safe.
  8. oh and one last thing: dont be aggressive! they might decide to pour lava on you, and dont try to kill them. its against the rules, and both of you could be banned.
  9. yup, nothing but pictures from me.
  10. you got them? great! i really hope that means... JUSTICE!
  11. oh no, i meant i wont hurt them or break rules - just take pictures ^_^
    iv been watching the live map all day but havent spotted them yet...
  12. aww man... well good luck searching!
  13. The sad thing is, why on earth do we have to enforce this rule... Minecraft is suppose to be fun not banning players from a game they paid for! If you paid for minecraft just to grief I am not even going to comment that... Just play by the rules and there should be no problem....
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  14. i know - its stupid! there are melons growing in my base, instead of just harvesting them, he/she has removed them all. pumpkins too, even jack-o-laterns pulled out of the floor! (not to mention netherwart all gone from my farm in the nether) whats the point? i wouldnt care less if they harvested them! but dont just ruin stuff for no reason.
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  15. I don't rely on wilderness farms for two main reasons.

    1. Anyone can harvest/destroy them.
    2. It's much more convenient if you can just teleport directly to the farm.

    Also, I have a few friends playing EMC, one of which lives on my res, and the other of which plans to live in the Wild. I use the one who lives on my res for farmland, and we're going to make the other into a spleef arena.
  16. im not farming melons there... im farming other stuff... (which the fool griefer hasnt worked out yet haha)... but i need food to keep my strength up for farming ;D
  17. Farming on you lot is great, you can easily produce enough if you grow vertically, I produce a ton if I ever actually harvested haha.
  18. I have a wheat farm that I can use water to harvest automatically. The water works beautifully because it pushes 99% of the wheat and seeds into one spot.