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  1. When Jeremy and I first started the Empire we decided that the Wasteland was going to be an "anything goes" world. This was because Town was a safe happy place where you could build protected. We also wanted to keep the SMP (Survival Multiplayer) aspect of the game that we feel makes it so fun (that is why there is only dirt in town, etc).

    Recently a lot of people have been complaining about their stuff being griefed in the Wasteland, and we understand how that feels. Some people have been asking to "protect" areas in the wasteland (similar to a residence) so it can't be griefed. The problem is that it sort of ruins the point of running a survival server.

    What we propose is that we have a process where people (usually a team) can apply for an extra plot in town to build something in. And then we make it a rule that the wasteland is "anything goes" and don't complain if your stuff gets taken / your cabin burns down from a lightning strike / etc. Additionally when the 1.8 update comes out we make a new world that does NOT have a live map. This would keep the survival feel of the wilderness while allowing space for people to be creative. What does everyone think?
  2. i think that is a great idea... now people wont be complaining all the time :).. you got my vote
  3. just when we needed it we built a hotel in my friends plot and know he needs a house that is a realy gud idea
  4. Justin I would like to make a complaint about the complaining that has been complaineriseing the empire! That is all I have to say about that my good sir.

    PS. I like it!!!!!!!!... The idea not the complaining. lol
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  5. So wait if a whole team asks to protect something(my hey wall)you will protect it
  6. No Duck, what we were proposing is that if you want a protected hello wall you will need to build it in your residence.
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  7. If we do go this route and keep the wastelands TRULY SMP, as we intended, part of me almost wants to suggest that none of the "Wastelands" that we make utilize the live map. Remember, Notch DID make a map that you can forge while you're making it, which I still think is pretty damn cool...and he will be adding more to this feature, if I'm not mistaken, like making copies of the map and such.

  8. Works for me. and the 1.8 no live map zone sounds amazing.
  9. I agree with the notion of there being no live map attached to the "wasteland" areas. I've had a griefer on more than one occasion attempting to dig down to my mine while using the map to pinpoint my position. As far as the "extra plot in town" goes, what would that entail exactly? Simply a flat of land for players to co-build in?
  10. I honestly think that having a map for the Wasteland is one of our key features. This is why I recommended that the next world doesn't have a live map (that way you have one with and without so you can choose).

    Also as an Iron supporter you can hide yourself from the live map ;)
  11. I can agree with this actually. Keep it on the current one we have and leave it off a future wasteland we make. :)
  12. I can't say I read the thread all that much and just skimmed the op, but I kinda gathered that's what you meant.
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