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  1. The title says it all. Lets just share our experiences with getting griefed. Maybe someone can say some advice to you :). Screenshots are recommended.

    My worst was when my wild outpost was completely burned down. This was before fire spread was disabled. Worst part was it was an IRL friend who did it.
  2. Someone grew a GIANT tree in my tiny backyard.
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  3. i once had a public head farm

    its not there anymore
  4. Your story telling skills are out if this world ;P
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  5. I hate it when people grief those. Because you need dirt, ladders, and a bed to much.
  6. then i built a public snow farm

    its not there anymore
  7. I have come to think that most griefers are players who don't feel like they can get along playing the game fairly. I have seen enough of them to feel I can truthfully state that their stories are the Minecraft equivalent of the dumb criminal videos we see sometimes.

    One of my favorite stories started when I noticed that someone had been messing around in my base. I used Shavingfoam's Investigator Tool and found that a couple of players had been poking around and moving between the base and a Village to the south of it for several days. I downloaded their waypoints and started seeing where they had been. A lot of the waypoints were at chests of course and I was finding a lot of them had unsorted junk in them which meant that they were casting off inventory as they were collecting goodies.

    At some point I passed the EMC banner that you can see in my Avatar. Their path went past the IceCreamCow statue's base and I saw a huge hole at the bottom with a dirt pillar going up to the top. It was annoying to see because whoever had been there didn't have enough sense to stay away from it during the night and a Creeper had exploded there. They also didn't notice that they could have used the ladder which went up the inside of his leg or the one that goes up his arm to explore.

    He must have found the ladder in the arm on their way back down. I found this at the base:

    Evidently he didn't notice that the ladder ended at the elbow until he fell to his death. (snerk) Evidently he also hadn't slept in the base or he would have come back to get his stuff or maybe wasn't smart enough to find his way back. (double snerk)

    For about a week I couldn't find anything to really prove for the moderator I was working with that they were taking stuff. Finally I logged in one day and I saw on Live Map that one of them was hanging out at the Village to the South that they had been traveling to and from when "visiting". So I started chatting with him to try and see if I could get anything out of him I could use. Eventually I told him that I had been following his waypoints and knew what he had been doing and he said he had borrowed a few things and offered to give stuff back <Pab presses F2!> then he logged out. I was afraid I would never get the evidence I needed but the guy volunteered it and he and his friend were banned.

    Eventually I went to the Village they had been hanging out at to see what they had been up to. Other than planting melons I couldn't see much until I noticed that one of the floors had been changed. It turns out that it was hiding a stairway and at the bottom they had an bunch of chests full of random stuff. Evidently it had been these guys' plan to use the base as a shop supply or something and while the guy had been chatting with me he had been expanding his storage for more chests...
  8. Deserves a like for your efforts
  9. I build a cobble house next to spawn with a dirt box next to it.
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