Grief Party on Saturday 2 hours after Mob Arena

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What should I add to the grief party?

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Iron blocks 7 vote(s) 46.7%
Quartz Blocks 8 vote(s) 53.3%
  1. I will be hosting a grief party to get rid of everything on my residence.
    When: Saturday 6/27/15 at 6:00 PM. This will be 2 hours after mobarena.
    Where: /v 1172 on smp1
    Why: I need room for making farms and it needs to be cleared.
    P.S. There will be alot of obsidian so feel free to bring a diamond pickaxe.
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  2. Bringing a few tools is recommended.
  3. Cool. Include quartz :D
  4. :) Not a problem.
  5. I just realized I will either be in an airport or on a plane during this event but this should not be a problem, as long as I have wifi.
  6. Awesome! I'll definitely come! Why are you hosting this though? Won't you be sad for everyone to have guilty pleasure griefing your place? =P
  7. I had a lot of obsidian and it was a mess and I decided to have a grief party so I put trees, made it a little fancy, etc. I want to make farms and generators and that sort of thing.
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  8. is this emc time?
  9. It started with us 5. Then, atwoodjer joined. And chespinlover77 started a lil impromptu d.p. :p

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  10. Yes. It was going to be.
  11. Oh... wow! I don't even know what to say!
  12. I wasn't able to hold the grief party because Delta didn't have free Wi-Fi, apparently. I will re-schedule this event and make a new thread.
  13. Another thing, we were stuck on the runway for 2 hours due to lightning.
  14. Ouch well, if you're responding to this thread I'm assuming you got to where you were going safely. Hopefully things are smooth sailing for you now. :D
  15. Oh yes, I arrived to my Gram and Pap's house. Thank you.
  16. Sometime past mid-night.
  17. Aww frick! I didn't come! :( Oh well. :p
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